Enjoying Orlando in 3 days

We made for you a three days guide plan in Orlando to help you to enjoy as much as possible of your trip and to know the main tourist attractions. The city of Orlando is one of the most visited cities in the world and therefore has so many attractions, which it is hard to know everything in just 3 days, but you can enjoy a lot and visit many places. One tip is to take advantage of your time. Wake up early every day and plan your trip well to not waste time.

Three days guide Orlando

First day: When we talk about Orlando, the first thing that comes to mind are the parks and shopping. For who doesn’t know Disney, it is undoubtedly the main place to visit. The Magic Kingdom Park is the main park in Disney and the most visited in Orlando. Then, you guide plan the first day to wake up early and spend all day in the park, which is the most amazing and it is there Cinderella's Castle, the main toys, Mickey,  princesses walking around the parks and the amazing firework. You'll probably get out of there at 11pm pretty tired and you will want to go to the hotel to rest. It is the day that stays in everyone's memory for the entire life.

A good advice is that the malls, outlets, beaches, theme parks and sights are a little far away. Renting a car in Florida is very important and it will do your trip better. See out ​​special tips of How to Rent cheap car in Miami and Orlando. All you need to know and how rent a great car for a great price.

Magic Kingdom Orlando

Second day: In the second day of the plan, the ideal is to know the Universal Studios Park, which is the second most famous park in Orlando and has very funny and exciting toys. Adults and men tend to like more this park than the Disney’s parks. There are huge roller coasters as Rock It and Mummy, the Simpsons simulator and many others. Arriving early at the park, you'll leave around 6pm and then you can visit Downtown Disney. It is a mini city of Disney, with several stores to buy souvenirs, great restaurants for dinner, bars and shows. One way to enjoy a lot the second day of your three days guide plan.

Universal Studios Orlando

Third day: If as all Brazilians you're crazy to shopping in Orlando, enjoy the third day to wake up early and go to Orlando Premium Outlet. There are two - it is just check which one is closer of your hotel. They have over 300 stores for clothes, electronics, supplements, shoes, sport, perfumes, watches, glasses and everything you can imagine. It takes a whole day to visit the entire Outlet and you will find everything you need there, besides the food court for lunch. By the end of the day, you still have a few hours to organize everything, hang out around the city and have dinner somewhere. This is just a suggestion of a three days plan in Orlando, but of course, it depends on the goal and what each person wants to do. With you have more time to visit Orlando, see the Five Days Orlando Guide

Outlet Orlando Guide

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