Best places to stay in Miami

Where to stay in Miami is one of the major doubts of whoever is going there. Miami has many good places and regions to stay in during your travel, so all depends on the aim of your travel and on what you want to do around there. Deciding where to stay will define all the route of travel. There are regions which are more expensive, others are busier, and others more business ones. Most tourists going to Miami prefer to stay in Miami Beach or South Beach, but there are many other places around to stay in. If you intend to rent a car, a good tip is to stay in more than one region during the travel, so you can explore better what is best in each place of Miami.

Miami Downtown Where Stay

Miami Beach and South Beach

The most popular place among tourists that stay in Miami is, doubtless, the region of Miami Beach and South Beach. It´s an island-like place, surrounded by beautiful beaches. It´s in Miami Beach that you will find the main tourist attractions of the city, like famous Ocean Drive and Lincoln Road. It´s there that you´ll find the best restaurants, the best bars and the best parties. If you want to have fun, Miami Beach and South Beach  are ideal places to stay in Miami. Not to mention the scenic beaches all around the region. The options of accommodations to stay are many, so it´s worthwhile to search carefully for hotels before deciding for one in Miami.

Ocean Drive Miami

How to find great hotels for incredible deals

A good tip to find good hotels with unbelievable prices in the region you want and save a lot with accomodation is to use this Hotels Search Engine. We always use it, because it´s the biggest booking website in the world and that´s why it´s the best one to book with confidence  and safety. Not to mention they have all Miami, Orlando and World hotels in their engine, and absolute cheapest prices, because of their strong power in negotiation with them. We have always booked with them in order not to have any trouble and we have always saved a lot, mainly in Florida. Besides, this website has Brazilians comments about hotels they have stayed in, what helps so much when you are evaluating each one. An excellent tip, when searching for accommodations, is to filter them by “district”, in which you can filter regions, and also by “review score” and choose from “very good” up. You will have a result with the best hotels, in the best regions and with excellent comments by guests. That assures you excellent accommodation for the best price. 

Downtown Miami

Another very popular place to stay in Miami is Downtown Miami, the business Center of the city, where one can find the main business offices and companies. For a work traveler, it´s a very good place to stay and is in the very heart of Miami. Besides business buildings and business life in Downtown, you will find good options for shopping and many restaurants and bars. Another advantage is that this region is near everything, it has a very good neighborhood. Attractions and tourist points are evenly spread among all Miami regions. Traveling to Miami by car is much better if you can enjoy everything calmly. If it can help you, please take a look at how to rent a car in Miami to save with the best price.

Miami Beach Where Stay

Miami Beach North

Miami is huge and there are other regions around the city, which are also good options for one who wants to rest and enjoy traveling in a more quiet way. Two other excellent places are Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale, which are just 30 minutes away from Miami Beach and are more quiet places, with fewer tourists. They have beautiful and scenic beaches as well, but are not overflowed with stores, bars and parties, that can be found down to South Beach. They are charming places that are very close to Outlet Sawgrass Mills and Shopping Aventura Mall, some of the top shopping places in Miami.

Boca Raton Miami

Where stay in Miami to shopping

For those traveling to Miami for shopping, there are many good places to stay. There are the regions of Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood, that, as was said before, are very close to outlets and shopping malls. There is the region of Doral, that is near the superb Dolphin Mall Shopping and the region of Miami Beach and Downtown itself, which have large shopping centers and shopping streets, perfect for shopping. It´s difficult to choose the best place to stay in Miami since there are  so many options. Search for them and decide which one brings you more advantages. 

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