The best and the main beaches of Miami and Miami Beach

We listed here the the best and most famous beaches of Miami that you need to visit. Organize your script when go to Miami and visit all these beaches because it really is worth. Each beach in Miami has something different and because it is really difficult to choose the best beach in Miami. Miami has several options of beaches, and each one has a different style. If you prefer something quieter and enjoy the nature, you will enjoy the beaches of Key Biscayne, Crandon Park, Key West and Matheson Hammock Park. If you prefer most famous beaches, the beaches of Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood Beach and Boca Raton. And if you want a different option, has the nude beach Haulover Beach. These are the best beaches in Miami.

Beach Miami The Best

Key West Beach in Miami

The island of Key West in South Florida is without doubt one of the most beautiful places and impressive in the world. There are a lot of beaches paradise and the beautiful landscapes are part of this scenario of Key West. It is famous for being one of the main holiday destinations with beach, fresh water and a lot things to do and for fun. Since 1920, the city retains its charm, its remote air, its intriguing history, its natural beauty and its tropical climate. One of the best beaches in Miami and in Florida. The sunset there is amazing. To go to Key West and to all the beaches in Miami you will need to rent a car. See our tips on how to rent a car in USA for a great price and save a lot of many in your trip. 

Best Beaches Miami Key West

Hollywood Beach in Miami

The beach Hollywood Beach, located in Miami, was one of our favorites beaches. The landscape is amazing with white sand and calm and transparent water in the sea. It’s a beautiful beach, with few people and a great boardwalk to walk and to do sports. In addition Hollywood Beach is the favorite beach of the famous people. It is there that most of the actors and singers of the United States has them summer home. Don't be surprised if you find any celebrity on the streets of Hollywood Beach. If you are in Miami Beach, Hollywood Beach is just an hour from there.

Beaches in Miami Hollywood Beach

Nude Beach Haulover Beach in Miami

The beach HauloverBeach is one of the oldest nude beaches in Miami. It attracts people from all types, including local residents and tourists. A very nice experience and it is worth mentioning that there is not required to be without clothes. The beach is legalized for anyone who wants to go without clothing, but you can go to visit Haulover Beach with clothes as if you were in another beach. It’s one of the best beaches in Miami and of course the most fun and different.

Haulover Beach Miami Nude

Matheson Hammock Park in Miami

The Matheson Hammock Park is a natural park with an incredible beach, located in Miami, close to Coral Gables. It is a place like no other ever seen before and different from all the beaches and parks that you have ever seen. The Matheson Hammock Park is formed by a natural swimming pool with sea water, which is renewed every time. One good thing is that it is a place that few people know and is frequented only by residents and some tourists who discover the place. This beach is in the list of the bests beaches in Miami although not very popular by tourists for be in a hide place.

Best Beaches Miami Matheson Hammock 

Boca Raton Beach in Miami

The beach of Boca Raton is on North of Miami and it takes 30 minutes after Fort Lauderdale by car. It’s a very beautiful place with luxury houses, one of Miami's most beautiful beaches and there are many shops and malls to shopping. Boca Raton is where the American billionaires go when they want to escape the winter. With a warm climate and beaches with crystal clear waters, Boca Raton is a great option for those who are in Miami Beach. Is one of the largest beaches of Miami.

Best Beaches Miami Boca Raton

Fourtlauderdale in Miami

The beach of Fourtlauderdale is known as the American Venice, because of its numerous rivers that cut through the city. It’s 35 minutes driving from Miami and is beautiful, charming and well frequented. A beach with a lot of young and beautiful people. The Sea Fort Lauderdale has a very pleasant temperature and the beaches has a wonderful boardwalk with numerous palm trees and people walking, biking and walking with the dogs. It is considered the most fun beach of Miami.

Beaches in Miami Fortlauderdale

The Key Biscayne Beach in Miami

The island of Key Biscayne is connected to Miami via the Rickenbacker Causeway, which is a 6 drop-down road that passes in front of the sea. The trip to Key Biscayne becomes very nice because the view of the road that is really amazing. One of the most popular places in Key Biscayne is the natural park Bill Baggs, who has an amazing nature and a super beautiful beach. Is there which is the famous Cape Florida Lighthouse, which is a huge lighthouse that was built in 1825 and is considered the oldest building in South Miami.

The Best Beaches in Miami Key Biscayne

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