How is the climate and temperatures in Miami

The climate and weather in Miami is great all the year. High temperatures and sun are present all the year for all the months. If you go to Miami get ready because the temperatures are high and the heat is extremely strong in April, May, Jun, July, August and September. The mixtures of the beaches of Miami with this intense sun of Florida becomes Miami as a perfect option for those who love sun, sea and good beach paradise to enjoy nature and get some rest. The climate is similar to the climate of Orlando because both are in Florida State.

Climate and weather of Miami

In summer the temperatures reach 37ºC and the town is really hot with intense sun during all day. Miami is well structured and prepared for your climate and you will notice that all shops, malls, taxis and restaurants have strong air conditioners that break the heat that you will feel walking the streets of Miami. The busiest roads are the ones that are close to the beaches having the sea breeze and the beautiful women and men walking along the beaches. The principal is the Ocean Drive which is the most famous avenue of Miami Beach. The months May, June, Jul, August and September are the ones with the highest temperature and a intense sun.

In winter which begins in November, December and runs until January, February and March, the weather in Miami is a little more quiet and temperatures reach a maximum of 18ºC and even then you can still catch good days of sun and enjoy the beaches Miami but it isn’t so heat. One tip is carry lightweight summer clothing and a few cold clothes. With the climate of Miami you will have no problems with it and if you need buy more clothes there and take time to renew your wardrobe with the amazing prices in the Shoppings Malls and Outlets

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