The famous Ocean Drive Avenue in Miami Beach

The OceanDrive is the most famous avenue and trendy in Miami. Undoubtedly Ocean Drive is one of the programs required for any person whether to eat, shop, take a drink in a bar or enjoy some great nightclub. The Ocean Drive is located in Miami Beach in front the beach and is home to thousands of restaurants, shops, hotels architecture of the 20 that make up the District Artdeco, bars and nightclubs. Is there that are the famous nightclubs in Miami as Mansion NightClub, Nikki Beach and Mango's Tropical. The Ocean Drive is quite different during the day and night so let's talk about the two.

Ocean Drive Miami Beach

You can go on Ocean Drive as by night as by day. How it is in front of the beach in South Beach Ocean Drive during the day is a nice place to have lunch, walking, exercising, shopping and enjoy the beach in Miami Beach which is amazing. If you're going to enjoy the beach we recommend renting a beach umbrella and chairs at the supermarkets. They are a little expensive at the beach and is impossible to enjoy the beach in Miami Beach under the sun all the time. The price to rent at beach is typically 15 dollars a chair and an umbrella. Whether walking and shopping do not worry because the shops and stores on Ocean Drive have a strong air conditioning which makes you want to spend more time inside them.

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Ocean Drive Avenue Miami

After enjoying the beach and shopping you can have a lunch at one of the thousands of restaurants that have there. Ocean Drive's specialty is seafood served on time, freshly baked, to keep the sea breeze that hits close will the beachfront. The competition of the restaurants on Ocean Drive is hard so be prepared to be approached by all the servers when you be walking because they are ready to offer many things to take you. The climate is very pleasant and the tables are around the boardwalk. The price is not expensive and the best drink there is the margarita to refresh and relax.

Ocean Drive Miami

The Ocean Drive is the perfect place for who likes enjoy the night going to bars, nightclubs, meeting beautiful people and seeing big cars convertible parading through the streets. Miami is the point of those who want to enjoy the night in the best style of Miami Beach. The variety of places is big then walks along Ocean Drive to see the movement of the bars and when you find a cool enters there. Same is the case of the lunch, you will pass by the bars and the promoters very beautiful by the way will be asking you to come in and will offer various promotions such as the famous buy one drink and get two. It is a good thing and you will be able to experience the famous Miami Beach drinks like Mojito and Margarita.

Ocean Drive Miami Restaurants

After enjoying Ocean Drive well and things start to get excited is that there are one of the best nightclubs of Miami. The Mangos Tropical is a salsa nightclub very fun and different. The Mansion  is one of the most famous nightclubs in Miami and Nikki Beach is a place on the beach in Miami Beach with parties. Any of the three places is guaranteed fun. In the Ocean Drive and Miami the nightclubs end up around 2am. Enjoy walking back along Ocean Drive which is always super bright and bustling. It is a fantastic place that worth spending a few nights to enjoy the place well. If you can get a hotel on Ocean Drive your trip will be perfect.

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