The huge Sawgrass Mills Outlet - Shopping and purchases

The Sawgrass Mills Outlet is located in Miami and is known as the Mall of the Alligator because of its shape and is considered the largest Outlet of the world. It has more than 350 stores and you will need at least a whole day to visit all the Sawgrass Mills Outlet. We got there at 8:00 am and left at 21:00 and even then we were only stopping in major stores. It really is huge and has amazing prices at all the stores. The best stores there to shopping and buy clothes are Calvin Klein, Guess and Nike. Take a whole day to spend there because it really is worth it.

Sawgrass Mills Outlet Miami

The Sawgrass Mills Mall is 50 miles from Miami in Fort Lauderdale. It may be a stop in the trip to Orlando because it is more or less in the middle of the two cities. The Outlet Mall is the second most visited tourist attraction in the Florida . The Sawgrass Mills has a Michael Kors store with its desired handbags, watches and wallets. It’s a important store in this Outlet. It's one of the best shopping and outlets in Miami.

Sawgrass Mills Outlet Miami

An important tip is to rent a shopping cart at the entrance of the Sawgrass Mills Outlet. It costs about $5 and it’s great for you to have more tranquility and explore all the Outlet stores. In the first two hours you will already be full of bags and do not want to spend the rest of the day walking with a lot bags. Another tip is to buy a suitcase or a backpack and put the purchases and products inside the backpack. To go to Sawgrass Mills Outlet and to others outlets and beaches in Miami you will need to rent a car. See our tips on how to rent a car in USA for a great price and save a lot of many in your trip. 

Sawgrass Mills Miami Nike Store

The things that are very cheap in Sawgrass Mills Outlet Miami and are clothes, glasses and watches. So prepare the money get up early and spend the whole day shopping in the Outlet.  The store most visited for woman is Victoria's Secret which is the most desired female store from the United States. The best stores in Sawgrass Mills Outlet Mall are Guess, Burberry, Puma, Polo Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Nautica, Giorgio Armani, Tommy, Calvin Klein, Victoria Secrets, Nike, Ecko Unltd, Oakley and Quick Silver.

Sawgrass Mills Victorias Secret

The Outlet Sawgrass Mills in Miami also has shops Ross,Marshalls and T.J.Maxx which are huge department stores that sell clothes of all brands for a very cheap price. These clothing stores are like stock tips and get thousands of famous brand products that end up left in the stock or have been discontinued and somehow need to sold. For this reason the prices of clothes at Ross, Marshalls and T.J.Maxx are so cheap. The only thing you need is patience in these stores because they are very large and not so organized.

Miami Outlet Stores

Address:  8200 Vineland Avenue - Miami
Hours: Monday to Saturday: 10am to 09:30pm   Sunday : 11am to 08pm

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