Knowing the main theme parks in Orlando

We selected a list of the best theme parks in Orlando. Orlando has more than 30 theme parks and you should plan well which parks will want to visit. The major parks in Orlando that you cannot miss is the Universal Studios , Islands of Adventure , Busch Gardens , Disney Magic Kingdom , Disney Epcot , Hollywood Studios , and Blizzard Beach . If you visit these parks you will know the best parks in Orlando and you really will make an unforgettable trip. You need to visit at least the two Universal parks, two Disney parks and one water parks to give a refreshed and break the script.

The Best Theme Parks in Orlando - Magic Kingdom

The Universal Studios Park is the second largest theme park in Orlando just behind the complex Walt Disney World. Universal Studios is undoubtedly one of the best and most entertaining Orlando park  especially for young people and adults. There are extreme rides and simulators of the latest generation  all about major Hollywood Films . In the Universal Studios you will find the attractions of The Simpsons , Men in Black, Shrek , The Mummy and many other characters. Without doubt one of the best parks in Orlando and you have to visit.

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Universal Studios Orlando Best Parks

The Disney’s Magic Kingdom Theme Park is the main and most famous park in Orlando and is within the Walt Disney World complex. That's where you'll find all the Disney characters like Mickey, Goofy, Pluto and all the princesses and cartoon characters. At Magic Kingdom is the famous Cinderella Castle that is known worldwide and where is the spectacular fireworks and music show at night. It is arguably the main Disney theme park and leads the list of the best parks of Orlando. Recently had an enormous expansion that is called New Fantasyland  which has the castles of the Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast .

The Best Theme Parks in Orlando

The Islands of Adventure Theme Park is one of the main parks in Orlando with very different attractions and full of special effects that came of the imagination of Steven Spielberg. The Islands Of Adventure theme park has many radical rides. For those who like super heroes  the park is about Marvel Heroes with attractions such as the famous Hulk  Roller Coaster and Marvel Superheroes simulators. Is there where you will see the most popular Orlando attraction in recent times which is the world famous Harry Potter . After winning the Harry Potter the Islands Park became one of the leading and largest parks of Orlando.

Island Of Adventure Orlando Theme Park

The Epcot Center Theme Park is inside Walt Disney World complex and is considered the park of the future. With rides and attractions that feature the latest technology the Epcot park is the park of dreams for those who like technology, space and curiosities about the future. The Epcot park also has a thematic area that is a replica of different countries, making you feel like you're taking a trip around the world. There are 11 countries such as Mexico, China, Germany, Italy, Morocco and many others. Are small cities within the park. One of the most different theme parks in Orlando.

Epcot Center - The Best Theme Parks in Orlando

The Hollywood Studios Park is also within the Walt Disney World complex. Forget a little the Mickey here because he and Minnie appear only occasionally to give autographs and take pictures. It is easier to find the car of the Ghostbusters, Aladdin, the Beast, Pocahontas or the sympathetic Woody from Toy Story. It is a theme park related on movies with several of the major attractions and rides of Disney films. One of the most magical and fun parks of Orlando.

Hollywood Studios Orlando

The Park Orlando Busch Gardens is an amazing park that has the largest roller coasters in the world and so cannot be left out of the list of the best parks in Orlando. Located in Tampa about 90km from the city of Orlando. This park was just a zoo with the intention to teach its visitors about wildlife protection. However later were being added to the park other attractions such as roller coasters world renowned Kumba, Montu and Sheikra, as well as new attractions, shows , restaurants and shops were built. It is the most radical and exciting Orlando park.

Busch Gardens Orlando

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