The great Water Park Blizzard Beach

The Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park is one of the Disney water parks in Orlando. One of the largest water parks in Florida. Blizzard Beach is famous for being a park "under the snow ". The park is themed as a whole like were a city in the north pole which is super fun and it gives the feeling of being in a cold environment almost freezing but you are actually in the intense heat of Orlando and because it is very different from the others water park. The water park is located inside the Walt Disney World complex with the other Disney Theme Parks like Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center. 

Blizzard Beach Disney Water Park

The Blizzard Beach water park in Orlando has attractions for the whole family. Since most exciting and extreme rides even lighter walks and float to relax. You can bet a race in the Toboggan Racers or climbing and walking on large buoys in Cross Country Creek or take the kids to be distracted in Tike 's Peak. If you have kids do not worry because the park Disney's Blizzard Beach has many attractions for the children and they will have so much fun and spend all the energy and back to the hotel exhausted.

Map Blizzard Beach Orlando

The most popular ride in Blizzard Beach Water Park is the Summit Plummet which is a huge water slide 35 meters. The toboggan have a fall as if it were a 15 story building and the speed reaches 90km/h. It’s the most radical rid. One of the most radical rides from Orlando and Disney. It is in a good fight with rides in Wet 'n Wild Orlando which are also super radical water park.

 Blizzard Beach Park Summit Plummet

The Tike's Peak is the most reserved for children's water park Blizzard area. There are water games and a fountain in the form of snow castle that releases water jets and water everyone. The Teamboat Springs ride at Blizzard Beach water park is super suitable for the whole family. It’s simulates a rafting trip down a river with a large current with those buoys for several people. If you are with friends at Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park  you'll love the Toboggan Racers. They are 8 slides and they all play at the same time participating in a fun race to see who arrives before the end. It also has the Downhill Double Dipper is a race in two enclosed slides.

Blizzard Beach Water Park Orlando

The most peaceful place to relax at Blizzard Beach Water Park in Orlando is the Melt Away Bay which is a giant wave pool with waterfalls and buoys to lie. Outside the pool also there are chairs to relax and enjoy some sun in Florida. Playing on all the attractions at Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park will whet your appetite and you will need to replenish your energies. A variety of restaurants at the water park is great. There are the Avalunch serving the large turkey legs and hot dog, the Blizzard Beach Mini Donuts serving delicious servings of donuts with sugar and cinnamon and Lottawatta Lodge with salads and sandwiches natural for those who want to eat healthier food. One of the best Disney Theme Parks in Orlando.

Disney's Blizzard Beach Orlando Pool

Information about waterpark Disney 's Blizzard Beach
Address: 1534 Blizzard Beach Drive Lake Buena Vista , Florida
Time: 9h to 22h

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