Tips to enjoy the Magic Kingdom Park in Orlando

The Disney Magic Kingdom Theme Park is undoubtedly the main park in Orlando. Is there where you will find the Cinderella Castle, Mickey and every major Disney attractions that everyone dreams of knowing. The Magic Kingdom is also one of the largest parks and has a lot of attractions and rides so you need to plan and have a guide to know everything and make the most amazing day of your trip. Book one day that does not do anything else and arrive as early as possible preferably at 9am which is the time that the Orlando parks usually open and has much energy for walking and get much fun. One of the best Disney Theme Parks in Orlando.

Magic Kingdom Disney Orlando

Some tips to better enjoy time at Disney's Magic Kingdom is that the early hours of the park are that the park is emptier and you should go over the things that you want to know and usually have more rows. The Magic Kingdom has a circular shape with Cinderella's Castle in the center and some surrounding areas. Usually people get the sense of beginning at Adventureland then a tip is to start by Tomorrowland and go unlike the others.

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Parque Magic Kingdom Disney Orlando

The first area of the Magic Kingdom's Main Street USA as soon as the gateway passer already get a map to program and view the schedules of attractions and shows. Early on a square that has called Town Square and some characters get there early to take pictures. Enjoy taking pictures of the characters of Cinderella's Castle and go to the Town Square Theater where Mickey and Minnie stay.

Parque Magic Kingdom Disney Mickey

Following the opposite direction of the Magic Kingdom Park you will first find Tomorrowland the city of the future. The most disputed attraction is the Space Mountain roller coaster which is in the dark like the space. If there isn’t a lot of line check it now and if there is a big line get the Disney Fast Pass which is a voucher with a time for you to return the ride and get in without line. A very good attraction in Tomorrowland is the ride Toy Story Buzz Lightyear 's Space Ranger Spin that is very fun. The Buzz and Wood are also characters walking around to take pictures. There is a comedy show of the Monsters S.A but for those who do not understand English very well, isn’t a good option. There are other things but those are the main rides and as time is short in Disney one tip go to the other areas of the theme park.

Magic Kingdom Orlando Tomorrowland

The next area of the Park is the New Fantasyland which is the main area of ​​the Magic Kingdom for those who like the Disney films and fairytales. The area was recently renovated and has won two castles which is the Beauty and the Beast 's castle and the castle of Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid film. And of course the famous Cinderella Castle which has existed for years and is the main attraction of the park and of Disney. It is a must see attractions in the Beauty and the Beast as the gigantic castle of the Beast the home of Bela where the princess is there to see the visitors, one Gaston's Tavern and a restaurant themed film that is the Be Our Guest  which is a replica of the hall they dine in the film but needs reservation. Also has ride Dumbo and Goofy's roller coaster. And an attraction that can’t stay out of your trip to Orlando is the Mickey's Loot Magic which is a 3D movie that the main characters are Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and they travel all Disney movies such as Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Fantasia and many others.

Magic Kingdom Beauty Princess

The next stop on Disney's Magic Kingdom park is Liberty Square which is the place you should spend less time. The famous Haunted Mansion is cool to know but usually having a big row. For those who like politics there is the Hall of Presidents which is a puppet show that tells the story of U.S. Presidents. Liberty Square is a good place to eat because it has restaurants Columbia Harbour House and Liberty Tree Tavern that are great. There are some good shops for shopping.

Magic Kingdom Haunted Mansion

The next area of the park in Orlando is the Frontierland. If a day of too much sun one good tip is go to Splash Mountain which is a roller coaster with much water to refresh everyone. If it has too much line take the Disney Fast Pass and go to the roller coaster Big Thunder which is more empty. There are other attractions and rides releasing water and are great for refresh. For the children’s there are attractions like the Fort Langhorn, Tom Sawyer Island and the Country Bear Jamboree, which are great attractions for children in Magic Kingdom Park in Orlando.

Magic Kingdom Orlando Aladin

Moving forward in the Magic Kingdom you will enter in Adventureland. It is there that has the amazing attraction Pirates of the Caribbean and Jungle Cruise which is really fun. For children there is a cool ride to travel in the magic of Aladin Carpet. Leaving this area you will return to the center of the Magic Kingdom Park and Disney is already probably go later in the day. At the end of the day in this place you will see happens the fireworks display that is beautiful. See the schedule on the calendar and plan to see the fireworks show in the correct time. It happens in Cinderella 's castle and has an electric parade with floats lit with all the characters together.

Magic Kingdom Fogos Disney

This is a basic guide to enjoy the main attractions of the Magic Kingdom in Orlando but it is clear that each trip has to be the face of the traveler. After the park one good place to vist is Downtown Disney that is a city with restaurants, shows e stores to buy souvenirs. Will be the best day of your trip to Disney.

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