The fun South Beach and its beaches

South Beach is a very famous area in Miami Beach in Florida. The place is known for having great beaches and is the busiest part of Miami with many bars, nightclubs and beautiful people. If you are going to Miami and want a fun and enjoyable place South Beach is the right place. The regions of Miami are very different so it is important to know where to stay in Miami. The beaches of South Beach are the most visited and has a incredible natural beauty. One of the most beautiful beaches in Miami. Besides the huge boardwalk full of trees is great for walking and exercising and the beaches have white sand and clear water. Have people with rental chairs and umbrella service which are a bit expensive but if you get enough time on the beach you'll need to rent it.

South Beach in Miami

The most known South Beach Avenue is the Ocean Drive which is an avenue in front of the beach and there are bars, restaurants, nightclubs and shops. It is undoubtedly the main avenue of Miami Beach. During the day Ocean Drive is perfect for a lovely lunch because the variety of restaurants is huge and each one has a specialty. During the night the place comes another face and turns the busiest and most entertaining Miami region. Restaurants become bars with great music and drinks like mojito and margarita. If the idea is really to have fun the ideal is to get into one of the bars for something to eat and a few drinks and soon after go to any of the nightclubs that have there like the Mango 's Tropical which plays salsa and latin musica. Hotels in South Beach tend to be slightly more expensive than the others because they are the most famous and beautiful Miami area  but well worth staying there.

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South Beach in Miami

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