Where to buy electronics in USA

The United States have the best electronics stores in the worlds. We made a list of the main electronics stores in USA for you know where to find the best prices. As we already know  the electronics are much cheaper in the U.S. than in worldwide. The difference to be almost one third of the amount we pay in other countries. The danger is there because when you are there and visit these huge electronics stores with low prices and sales you will want to buy anything because you do not know when you'll get that chance again. There are a lot of electronics stores.

Eletronic Orlando Best Buy

Everyone going to United States get crazy with the size of electronics stores that have there. It is a paradise for those who like to buy cameras, TVs, iPod, iPad, Notebook, Computer, Video Game, Games and other things. When we were there , an XBox was $199 while in other countries I had seen for $400. We've selected the best and biggest electronics shops in USA so you know where to find the best prices. The main ones are Best Buy, Apple, Fry’s, CompUSA, hhgregg and BrandsMart. In all you will find what you need and have multiple units scattered throughout country so always have one near you.

Apple store electronics in USA

Apple needs no introduction and is arguably the most popular electronics store around the world. The Apple Store you can spend the whole day there messing with the iPod, iPad, iPhone, Mac computers and notebooks that were released last and test all before buying. It also has many unique Apple accessories more than all other stores. If you have questions just find one of the boys or girls with blue shirt Apple give your name and they will make a booking with a specialist Apple talk with you and help you in whatever you want there. A great experience and well worth the visit even if you do not want to buy any electronics there.

Loja Eletrônico Orlando - Apple

Best Buy Eletronic Stores

Best Buy is one of the best and best-known electronics store in the United States. It is our favorite and is really huge and has one in almost every city there. Best Buy is also representative of Apple products and usually have a separate area designed just for them. In the Best Buy you can find on televisions, digital cameras, computers, cell phones, books, video games, gps, movies, sound for cars and all other imaginable electronic product. Obligatory passage for anyone visiting USA.

Best Buy Loja Eletrônico Orlando

COMP USA Electronics shop

CompUSA is a well known electronics store in United States and is focused on computer products. Sells accessories and everything for computers, notebooks, laptops and netbooks. In Compusa you find models of various brands and it also features online shop for shopping from Internet. It is recommended for those who are looking for computers and notebooks in United States. Does not have as many units as the other stores so it’s better search the closest from your hotel.
Eletronic Stores Orlando - Compusa

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