Best places to stay in Orlando

Where to stay in Orlando is the first doubt of whoever is going to the most popular city for tourists in the world. Orlando has the second biggest hotel chain in the world, only after Las Vegas. Orlando lives from tourism and everyone that goes there is looking for unbelievable theme parks, and the dreamed Walt Disney World Orlando. The city is huge and full of avenues connecting the main tourist attractions in the city – they are far away one from the other but, with these avenues you will be able to arrive fast anywhere and they seldom have a traffic jam. Accommodation options and places to stay are many and all depends on the kind of travel you are going to do. Let´s talk about the five main places to stay in Orlando. 

Where to stay in Orlando Disney World

International Drive Orlando Area

International Drive is the main location in Orlando and is right in the center of all attractions, parks, shopping malls and outlets. At the same time International Drive is out of the parks world, it´s near all of them, less than 20 minutes from Disney, Universal and Sea World parks. Since the International Drive Hotels are out of the parks, they offer the most affordable accommodation options in Orlando. They offer great cost-benefit, because they are cheap and at  the same time they have an excellent staff, large apartments, they often have swimming pools and they are new. They usually have large appartments for families and are a good option for accommodation in Orlando. Anyway it´s advisible to rent a car, as in any region in Orlando, because the city is big, and parks, shopping centers and tourist attractions are a bit far away, but by car everything is near, and avenues are perfect and with them you will move around quickly. It´s the ideal place to whom wants to be near the parks, the shopping centers and who wants to save in Orlando.

International Drive Orlando

Accommodation inside Disney Orlando

When it´s about traveling to Orlando, soon comes up the idea of visiting Disney. That´s why hotels in the Walt Disney World Complex are the most sought-after and the most expensive too. Hotels in Disney in Orlando are a little bit more expensive than others, but comparing them, these offer several benefits and, of course, all the fantasy of a Disney 24 hours. If you can afford to stay in a hotel inside the complex, do it, because you will have a superb service! People that stay at hotels in Disney Orlando have benefits, like extra  hours in the parks, free transfers to all parks in  Disney, discounts on tickets and many others. Whoever is traveling and wants to have an experience in Disney should stay there. Whoever is traveling for shopping and other activities, it´s worthwhile to stay in hotels out of the complex: they are cheaper and have a better cost-benefit.

Accommodation inside Disney Orlando

How to find good and cheap hotels in the best areas of Orlando

In order to find good hotels at a low price in the regions you want and save a lot of accomodation in Orlando, we advise you to use this  Orlando Hotels Search EngineWe always use it, because it´s the biggest booking website  in the world, and that´s why it´s the best one to book with confidence  and safety. Not to mention they have all Miami, Orlando and World hotels in their engine, and absolute cheapest prices, because of their strong power in negotiation with them. We have always booked with them in order not to have any trouble and we have always saved a lot, mainly in Florida. Besides, this website has Brazilians comments about hotels they have stayed in, what helps so much when you are evaluating each one. An excellent tip, when searching for accommodations, is to filter them by “district”, in which you can filter regions, and also by “review score” and choose from “very good” up. You will have a result with the best hotels, in the best regions and with excellent comments by guests. That assures you excellent accommodation for the best price.

Universal Orlando Region

Another popular region in Orlando to stay is the Universal Orlando neighborhood. This region is near Universal parks, namely Universal Studios Orlando and Islands Of Adventure.  It´s there that we find the famous Harry Potter park. The advantage to stay in this region is that your accommodation will be  near the parks and you can find an exciting nightlife. It´s near CitiWalk,  the entertainment Center of Universal, with several bars, restaurants and parties. It´s suggested for those who wants to stay near Universal parks and enjoy an exciting nightlife. For those looking for shopping, it´s near Outlet Premium Orlando.

Universal Orlando Region

The Lake Buena Vista Region

The Lake Buena Vista area is one of the most beautiful in Orlando, because it has lakes spread all around. It´s near the Walt Disney World complex and that´s why is chosen by so many people traveling to Orlando to know Disney, but that don´t want accommodation inside the complex (They prefer cheaper and more available options). It´s perfect for those who look for shopping, because it´s just by Outlet Premium Vineland, and it´s good for those looking for night walks. Hotels there are very beautiful and large. Regardless the place where you are going to stay, it´s good to know how to move in the city, to get the best of your travel. A car always makes your travel easier.

SeaWorld Orlando Region

Right to the south of International Drive you can find the Sea World area. It´s a good location since it´s near Disney and Downtown Disney. It´s a lovely place with lots of gardens and increadible sightseeing. They have huge areas, that´s why hotels around there have even golf courses. It´s highly recommended for those who want to stay near parks of Sea World group, namely Sea World, Discovery Cove and Aquatica. Hotels there use to have excellent offers and appealing prices. 

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