Haulover Beach in Miami – The nude beach

The beach Haulover Beach is one of the oldest nude beaches in Miami. It attracts people from all types, including local residents and tourists. A very nice experience and it is worth mentioning that there is not required to be without clothes. The beach is legalized for anyone who wants to go without clothing, but you can go to visit Haulover Beach with clothes as if you were in another beach. It’s one of the best beaches in Miami and of course the most fun and different.

Haulover Nude Beach Miami

Take one afternoon of your script in Miami to visit Haulover Beach because the beach is very large. One tip is to take food and drink because it is rare to find stores in this nude beach. It also has tables and chairs in the park for an afternoon snack or a nice breakfast. The nude beach Haulover Beach is one of the few nude beaches "legalized" in the United States and therefore attracts many naturalists from around the world and residents of Miami. The beach is perfect for surfing, swimming and sunbathing. The landscape is amazing and the beach very clean. Visiting Haulover Beach is a great thing to do in Miami whatever their intentions (Naked or with clothes).

Haulover Beach Miami
Haulover Beach Miami Nude

Adress: 10800 Collins Ave - Miami Beach, FL 33154
Type: Nude beach

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