What to do in one day in Orlando

Do you want a one day plan in Orlando? We prepared a roadmap for who will spend one day in Orlando and wants to enjoy as much as possible the trip.When we talk about Orlando, the first thing that comes on mind are the parks. To go to Orlando and not visit one of the parks is the same that not go to Orlando. The most important and most famous park in the city is the Magic Kingdom Park. It is the most famous park and it is there Cinderella's castle, it is where you can find Mickey and his gang and also it is there where happens all the Disney magic. It is definitely the main point of the city and it can’t stay out of your one day trip in Orlando. But, if you're already more adult and doesn't have much desire to see Disney, we indicate the Universal Studios Park, which has more radical toys and it's all based on the theme of movies from Universal. The two parks are amazing and the best deal is to arrive very early to enjoy as much as possible. That will be a amazing one day plan to Orlando.

Magic Kingdom Orlando Plan

After spending the day at one of the parks, you can get out of there in the late afternoon and go to Downtown Disney. It is a mini city with Disney shows, restaurants, bars and stores selling everything from Disney. It is a very nice place to hang out, eat and buy all those souvenirs of Mickey and his group. If your intention is to buy clothes, perfumes, watches and other things, you can go straight to the Dolphin Mall or to the Premium Outlet and spend a few hours visiting hundreds of stores they have making many purchases. One day in Orlando is a quite busy, but with a one day travel plan following these attractions, you will get the main advantage of Orlando. With you have more time to visit Orlando, see the Five Days Orlando Guide

A good advice is that the malls, outlets, beaches, theme parks and sights are a little far away. Renting a car in Florida is very important and it will do your trip better. See out ​​special tips of How to Rent cheap car in Miami and Orlando. All you need to know and how rent a great car for a great price. And plan one trip to Cancun too.

Downtown Orlando Plan

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