Things to do in two days in Orlando

Travel to Orlando with a script of two days is not the best thing to do because the city is one of the most visited cities in the world and has hundreds of parks and attractions. To take full advantage, it is necessary to plan well your trip to visit the main touristic attractions. The best is a seven days script to Orlando, but don’t give up, because these two days will be awesome. The first hint is to have a lot of willingness to wake up early and be the first to arrive in the parks, be ready to walk a lot and not waste time.

Two days in Orlando

First day: the first day in Orlando has to be the Disney day. The most important place to visit is the Disney’s Magic Kingdom, which is the main Disney Park and the most visited in Orlando. The park is huge. Book the first day to wake up early and spend all day in the park , which is the most incredible and it is there where is Cinderella's Castle, the main toys, Mickey, the princesses walking around the park and the amazing fireworks. You probably will leave the park very tired around 10pm and will want to go to the hotel to rest. The park occupies the entire day, but there is no question about how amazing is the experience and you will live a full day of Disney. Is the best thing to do in the first of two days in Orlando.

Two days in Orlando - Script

Second day: on the second day, you must wake up early and go meet Universal Studios Park, which is the second most famous park in Orlando and has a lot of very funny and exciting toys. Adults and men use to like more this park than the Disney’s parks. There are enormous roller coasters such as The Mummy, the Simpsons simulator and many others. Arriving early, you will be able to enjoy the park until around 5pm and then you can go to one of the two Orlando Premium Outlets, which are the perfect place to do all the shopping you need in Orlando. There are more than 300 stores with clothes, electronics, supplements, shoes, sports, perfume, watches, glasses and everything you can imagine. There are restaurants in the Outlet where you can have dinner and then you keep shopping until close the Outlet. They are two consecutive days, but it will make your two days script in Orlando seem much more."

Universal Studios Orlando

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