The amazing party in LIV Nightclub Miami

The LIV Nightclub is the place of the moment in Miami and is located in Fontainebleau which has several dining options if you want to eat. It is considered by many people as the best party DJs in the world. Get ready to find celebrities there because the place is chosen by the famous to enjoy the night. That means it is not a cheap nightclub. The sound plays electronic, house and dance with the songs most played by DJs around the world. The space is amazing and super sophisticated worth knowing.

LIV Miami NightClub

The LIV Nightclub is a little expensive and a beer costs about $8 but the bottles of vodka and sparkling start with 3 digits reaching up to 4 . To sit on the couches near the dance floor when the club is packed it is implied that you need to buy at least a bottle and show to have the potential to consume all night. The LIV opens from Wednesday to Sunday and all days are good and Sunday is Hip Hop. Undoubtedly one of the best nightclubs of Miami.

LIV Nighclub Miami

About LIV Nightclub in Miami
Address : 4441 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33140, United States
Phone : (305)674-4680

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