The charming Fort Lauderdale Miami

Fort Lauderdale is a region near from Miami and very known as the American Venice because of its numerous rivers crossing the city and is 35 minutes drive from Miami and is a beautiful place and well desired by residents of Miami. The beach in Fort Lauderdale is very trendy and busy with a lot of young and beautiful people. The sea of ​​Fort Lauderdale has a very pleasant temperature and the beach has a wonderful boardwalk with numerous trees and people walking, cycling , walking with dogs and practicing exercise.  It’s one of the best beaches in Miami.

Fort Lauderdale Miami

In Fort Lauderdale there are several luxurious mansions with sensational gardens and huge yachts that are among the canals and rivers. It is there and in Hollywood Beach which are the most luxurious homes in Miami and Florida. A good thing to do is you walk down Atlantic Boulevard and the Beach Promenade and feel the pleasant climate of the place. A cool tip in Fort Lauderdale is going to the Riverwalk Park and take a boat or take a water taxi from Miami which leaves you in any of the clubs, restaurants, shops and resorts in Fort Lauderdale.

Fort Lauderdale Florida Beach

Be sure to visit the Riverwalk which is a beautiful boardwalk coasting the New River where many entertainment spots Fort Lauderdale and Las Olas Boulevard which is famous for being one of the most luxurious streets of Florida and Miami with boutiques, restaurants and art galleries. The Fort Lauderdale beach is among the best beaches in Miami.

Fortlauderdale Miami

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