Conversion of size of clothes, pants and shirts in the United States

Knowing the size of clothes in the United States is very important for who are planning go shopping there. You need to do the conversion of sizes and have a table because the clothes, jeans , shoes, sneakers , t-shirts , shirts, suits and even socks have different sizes and you need to buy the right size. You need to know what your size in the U.S. it is always good to try all the pieces in clothing stores as they may have different sizes from store to store. As the amount of purchases that people do in the United States is very large sometimes end up not having time to try all the clothes and see if the size is correct.

In addition to the measurements and clothes sizes U.S. standards as Small , Medium, Large and X –Large. Shirts and pants have a measure for each part. For example trousers have waist circumference, the length and just how the legs are. Thus the parts are much more tuned into the cup and the person can buy an outfit that fits her perfectly. The attendants of the stores are always very attentive  so if you cannot make the conversion of measures and sizes and do not have a table ask for their help because they are accustomed . The size of shoes and sneakers are easiest to decorate. Know uoy are prepared to buy clothes of your size in the USA.

Clothes size in United States

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