See how to save a lot of money in Orlando and Disney

Traveling to Orlando is the sweetest dream of thousands of people around the world, and very often they can´t spend much on it, they have a tight budget. We have many tips to help you to save in your travel to Orlando and Disney, so you spend less or you can use the saved money afterwards, shopping in the outlets and going for tours. We are going to save on everything you do in Orlando and in all the services you may have to hire by planning your trip, like car rental, accommodation, travel insurance and ticket purchase. 

How to save a lot traveling to Orlando and Disney

Saving according to the travel season in Orlando

The first tip to save is traveling during the cheapest seasons to Orlando. By traveling in the low season, you will be able to get great prices and offers in hotel, car rental and airplane tickets. That brings a good difference in the budget and represents a good saving. Plane well which are the best months to travel there and, besides saving money, save time, because you won´t have to face long lines in the parks. Avoid July, August, December and January. But, if go in these months, no problem: see the next tips that will help much. 

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Saving a lot in car rental

The parks in Orlando, in Disney, in shopping malls and outlets are quite far away one from the other, so renting a car in Orlando is essential and almost everyone that goes there rents one to enjoy more the travel, to go for shopping and go as far as Miami, only 4 hours from Orlando. Car rental is another item will make you save a lot in your travel. A good tip to save a lot is to use this search comparison engine, a terrific one. It compares prices among all options available, so you can choose the best price. Frankly, the prices found are the best and much lower than those got directly with these companies or travel agencies. Prices found in this website have always been the best in our travel experience and it finds incredible prices among more than ten reliable companies, and it has stores all around the world. If you want to search for prices, click here and compare them, for car rental in Orlando, and rent it online as soon as possible, because another tip to save and rent a car for the cheapest price is to rent it as sooner as possible and by the internet. The sooner you rent it, the cheaper you will pay for it – renting it in Orlando is the worst option, since, besides being more expensive, there can be no cars left! It´s worthwhile and you save a lot with these offers. You will prefer bigger and reliable companies like Alamo, Hertz, Dollar, Budget and Avis. Do the basic insurance at the time you hire it, that´s important, but don´t fall for this seller´s trap: when you get the car, they try to force an extra and expensive insurance on you, that is not worthwhile. 

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How to save on shopping in Orlando

The first tip to save in shopping is going first to outlets, that are cheaper places. Try buying everything there, and only if there is something you don´t find there try to find it in shopping malls and stores. Another tip that few Brazilians know is to use the incredible Orlando´s discount coupons. All the outlets and shopping malls offer discount coupons of up to 50% to the main stores and it´s really worthwhile, there is no trap – contrary to Brazil, coupons work there, and they have no trap. You are going to save around 30% in the main stores, like Tommy, Calvin Klein, Forever and many others. 

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Saving a lot on your travel insurance 

Another important tip if you are going to travel to the USA is never to travel without a travel insurance, absolutely, because it´s crucial. And to help even more your budget, it´s possible to save on your travel insurance as well. There is a comparison travel insurance engine that is excellent and, as well as the car insurance, it searches all travel insurances in all main companies in the USA, and you can additionally pay by installments in credit car in up to 12 times. In less than a minute you have the budget for all travel insurances and can hire yours immediately. You won´t like to travel without one, you will be able to save a lot and get a good price. If you want to search now, click here on comparison travel insurance engine. We strongly recommend Travel Ace, Assist Card, GTA, Green Card and SulAmerica, that are leading companies in the world and they have offices in all the world. They are extremely reliable and have great prices. 

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Tips to save with souvenirs in Orlando

In the parks, things are usually be very expensive, so don´t buy too much there. Take along a small bottle of water and keep on filling it at the drinking fountains spread in the parks, because each bottle of water costs up to 3 dollars there. If you take three per day it will sum up to 6 dollars a day in water. Parks have more sophisticated restaurants that are a little more expensive, so prefer cheaper ones, that are great just the same. Official stores that sell souvenirs in the parks are very expensive and abuse on the price, so look for a WalMart or souvenir stores spread all around the city - the price will be much more affordable and they sell many items from Disney and the parks. You are going to save a lot buying souvenirs from Disney out of the parks. 

How to save a lot traveling to Orlando and Disney

How to save on accommodation in Orlando

Staying in a Disney Hotel is much more pleasant and funny, but it´s also more expensive. If you want to save on accommodation in Orlando, there are hotels out of the Disney complex, which are much cheaper even though near the parks. Orlando has cheap and good hotels. Most of them offer included breakfast, so take the chance to eat well then, before going to the parks, so you don´t have to spend 12 dollars per person everyday taking breakfast out of them.If you are in four people and you are going to take breakfast out of the hotel every day, after 10 days you will have spent 500 dollars! So... save money and have your breakfast at the hotel. Another tip is that the more people are in an apartment, the cheaper will become accommodation. 

How to save a lot traveling to Disney

How to find good and cheap hotels in Orlando

In order to find good hotels at a low price in the regions you want and save a lot of accomodation in Orlando, we advise you to use this  Orlando Hotels Search EngineWe always use it, because it´s the biggest booking website  in the world, and that´s why it´s the best one to book with confidence  and safety. Not to mention they have all Miami, Orlando and World hotels in their engine, and absolute cheapest prices, because of their strong power in negotiation with them. We have always booked with them in order not to have any trouble and we have always saved a lot, mainly in Florida. Besides, this website has Brazilians comments about hotels they have stayed in, what helps so much when you are evaluating each one. An excellent tip, when searching for accommodations, is to filter them by “district”, in which you can filter regions, and also by “review score” and choose from “very good” up. You will have a result with the best hotels, in the best regions and with excellent comments by guests. That assures you excellent accommodation for the best price.

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Where to buy cheaper tickets to Orlando

We have found a cool website, that is one of the official sites of Orlando and one best ticket seller for parks all over the world. We have compared attentively ticket prices for Orlando when we were there and we have found this website with really low prices and excellent offers, that allowed us to save much at the end. Besides having excellent prices and sometimes lower prices compared to official websites, they sell tickets for all theme parks, for all shows and many cool attractions in Orlando. You will become crazy with so many options for tours and attractions. This is the website: Best of Orlando. The good side is that you buy everything in just one place, you don´t have to enter and register on the website of each park, and it always has great offers and sets. 

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How to save a lot with sets and tickets

Now... some tips that allowed us to save a lot when buying tickets, choosing right sets and offers. We have saved 160 dollars per person at the end. If you multiply it by the number of people and the dollar rate, you will agree that it´s really a good save! For those going to at least three parks of Disney, it´s worthwhile, because the difference is so little and this website that we mentioned has a set offer: if you buy four days (4 Day Base Tickets), you get the fifth free, to get back to any park. You are going to pay just around 30 dollars more, to stay two more days in Disney. For those going to both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure parks, it´s necessary to buy the Park to Park option, so you can use them in Hogwarts. On the official website a two days ticket Park to Park costs 194 dollars and in it they offer a mega offer Pack called 3 Park Unlimited, by which, for just 204 dollars, you can visit both Universal parks during 14 consecutive days, and get free access to Wet´N Wild. For 10 dollars you get 12 more days in the park. And for those going to Busch Gardens, SeaWorld or Aquatica, each park costs around 79 dollars. There is a set in this site offering tickets for these three parks for just 119 dollars. It´s another great save! Another tip is that Orlando Flex Ticket - a set of 6 parks – is not worth anymore. First, it was worthwhile, but now with those offers from the parks it became more expensive.

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